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Facial Treatment

Classic Facials

Acne – The Ideal Facial treatment to prevent aging before it begins, relaxing facial is the first step towards maintaining the elasticity tone & texture of skin.

Anti-aging – Designed to decongest and brighten. Relax the mind and revitalize the skin. Enjoy a deep pore cleanse, exfoiliation, extraction, and breath of new life into your skin.

Pigmentation – Achieve uniformity in skin tone with onging treatment. This Facial target’s all skin types of pigmentary disturbances, while decreasing sensitivity from the environment.


Chemical Peels


Back Facial

Facial on the back. Cleansing back area with the appropriate cleanser, exfoliation scrub to remove dead skin, warm steam to soften pores for extraction of any blackheads or whiteheads. A mask will be applied to help refine the pores and skin texture.


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