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There is no better way to celebrate your relationship than with a massage for two that leaves you both feeling relaxed and refreshed. Couples massages allow you both to be massaged in the same room, at the same time, and they’re a great way to share the experience and benefits of massage.

Don’t think our couples massage is just for romantic partners, though—mothers and daughters, fathers and sons, friends . . . all are welcome!

30 Minute Couples Massage     $120

1 Hr Couples Massage               $180

90 Minute Couples Massage      $250

Other Couples Services

Side by Side Spa Pedicures                    $150

Side by Side Customized Facials            $220

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Because One Vacation A Year Just Isn't Enough

Because One Vacation A Year Just Isn't Enough

From the ancient Romans who frequented spas fed by intricate systems of aqueducts to the thousands who flocked to the city of Bath every year in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries to take in the healing waters, the spa has been a central part of European culture for millennia. In fact, in many European countries, physicians still prescribe spa treatments as part of a well-rounded health program. So why do so many of us in North America now view a spa day as a luxury that has to be justified? Read The Article.

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