European Spa Theme Room Gallery

Asian Room

Custom floral tiles and engaging colours and scents dance as you settle into the Oriental atmosphere of our Asian Room. Enjoy facials, waxing and tinting in the quiet calm of the East.

Egyptian Room

It makes sense for us to wrap our ancient treatments in a house of Egypt. The tan and gold accents shimmer as our certified staff wrap and massage your tensions away. The wisdom and knowledge of ancient methods come alive in our Egyptian room.Cool breezes and stunning florals come to mind in our suite inspired by groomed garden spaces and greenery. The detail in our garden theme provides much for the eye as you enjoy one of our facial treatments.

Orchid Room

No one can resist the austere beauty of orchids. And no one who enters our orchid room feels any less seductive when they leave. The body treatments and microdermabrasion treatments will ensure that you look exactly how you feel.

Safari Room

We get the wildest responses from what can only be described as the wildest room we have. Here, you’ll find all the animal patterns of the Serengeti (but no animals are attached, of course). Savour a satisfying massage or body treatment in the warming heat of Africa.

Tuscany Room

Candlelit walls enclose the Tuscany Room in a deep, quiet light as pillars stretch from floor to ceiling. In a style reminiscent of Roman gardens, this intimate space is the realm in which two people can softly relish in the bliss of a private massage. If you have a gift or surprise that you would like presented at the session, please call ahead to arrange.

Pedicure/Manicure Room

This room is for those who wish to share their experience with friends or a loved one. If you’re planning a party, wedding or anniversary, settle into this room. Our pedicure stations are cleaner and safer than the industry standard, and our room design will delight you without distracting you from your company.

Waiting Lounge

Though we always suggest that you arrive for your spa treatment early, you might want to give yourself a few extra minutes to enjoy our lounge. Change into a luxurious robe and sandals, sit back, and give yourself those few extra minutes away from the world.