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Eyelash Extensions FAQ

Eyelash extensions can be made of synthetic fibre, fine silk or real mink.  We use a combination of Sugar Lash Pro (synthetic) and mink lashes to get the fullest, most realistic eye enhancing look unique to every woman.

Unlike fake lashes that come in a strip, these are applied one single lash at a time using a physician developed medical grade adhesive.  The lash extension will never be attached to your skin or your eyelid, so it follows the natural growth and bloom of your own lashes.

Lash extensions are also surprisingly weightless, and once attached, just looks like they’re yours to begin with.

Why Lash Extensions?

Oh, let us count the ways.  Aside from the face brightening, eye widening benefits, here’s why people opt to pretty up with lash extensions:

  1. They’re quick:

    Most Natural Eye Lash Extension appointments are done in two hours.

  2. They’re painless:

    With an experienced and skilled lash artist delicately bonding a single extension to your own lash, you’ll hardly feel it through the procedure.

  3. They’re light:

    Unlike fake lashes, you get all the drama without the drag.  Fake lashes use heavier hard-drying adhesives while lash extension adhesives are light and non-gunky. There’s no clumping and practically no weight.

  4. They’re Good Value:

    Lash extensions can last up to four (4) weeks, and dramatically improve your look for the price.  Lash refills also cost less than full sets. 

  5. You’re Eyenvy-Shy:

    Eyenvy is a great product, but you need time, patience and the discipline to apply it every night.  Most noticeable growth is reported only after weeks of religious use – which won’t exactly work if you need to be prettier NOW. However it’s recommended to use a serum if a client has naturally sparser lashes and thin lashes.

  6. They’re versatile:

    Lash extensions are a great alternative with less time commitment and fuss over all.

  7. You’re going to need less make up:

    Because lash extensions need to be refreshed after a certain period, you can opt to take them out completely, refill them to the same look or choose a different style of lash altogether if you’re feeling even more fun and frisky.

  8. They redefine the Morning After:

    Yep, it’s true.  Fuller lashes magnify your eyes, look fantastically youthful and so natural that you’re going to love the freedom of having to do less.  Don’t get us wrong, we LOVE make up but we also believe that less is more.  

    Enjoy tumbling out of bed ALREADY looking bright eyed.  Men are scared of obvious make up, and what can be more disconcerting than having your lashes skewed when you’d rather be lovely as morning dew?

    Here are some of our more frequently asked questions about eyelash extensions.

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